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Custom designed for business teams like yours

Here at Cosmos Digital Services, we boost your online presence to reach customers 24/7, letting you focus on the things that matter.


Custom-tailored to your business. Whether you need a simple marketing website or a full blown application, we've got you covered.


Create your 24/7 sales associate now.


Let us automate boring, repetitive tasks so you can focus on the real work.


Have an idea but don't know how to make it happen? Want to improve a process with technology?

Not just another web agency

We don't use web builders; all of our sites are handcoded with the following two principles in mind: security and performance.

Web builders do not align with those. If your looking for fast and secure web sites, you've come to the right place.

Everything is custom tailored to your needs, right down the the last letter. We take great pride in our work. We aim for a 100 on the Google page speed scores.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Mobile First

60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. We take a mobile-first approach to web design to ensure a responsive, performant site no matter the device.

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Why not Wordpress or a site builder?

We've got nothing against Wordpress or site builders. They're great for the DIYer. But we want to fine tune every aspect of your site.

When you use Wordpress or a site builder, you get what is called the LAMP stack. If you don't have a need for a backend to perform logic (as web applications do) or a need for a database (for persisting data), this stack is overkill.

Your site performance suffers, it slows down you site, affects your Google ranking, affects your SEO, and leads to higher customer balking. We only give you what you need.

Security is another key area where Wordpress and site builders lack. Having the full LAMP stack means more surface area for attacks. And in the case of Wordpress, it's openness allows for the development of plugins. If you use them, you have to rely on the creators to maintain them. Here, we do it all ourselves.

Designed for businesses like yours

Cosmos Digital Services focuses on technology and innovation, letting you focus on your business.


Starting at

  • 5 pages
  • No setup or hidden fees
  • Premium support: 1 month
  • Free updates: 1 month
  • Add $400 per extra page
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5 pages

$200 /month
  • 12-month minimum contract
  • No setup or hidden fees
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Add $25 per extra page/month
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Starting at

  • Your preferred storefront
  • No setup or hidden fees
  • Premium support: 1 month
  • Free updates: 1 month
  • 50 listings included
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Looking for more?

Not sure exactly what you need? Contact us! We provide a free one hour consultation.

Business Automation

Stop with the tedious, repetitive tasks: automate it! Complexity varies wildly here, so we're unable to provide an estimate without know what we're getting into.


Want the flexibility to edit your own site? We can add that too. Leveraging Decap CMS, we can add this functionality to your site with no additional backend; preserving performance and security. Add a one-time fee of $500 per collection.


Have an idea but not sure how to implement? Need ideas for bringing your business into the digital age? Get a free 1 hour consultation, $100/hour every additional hour.

Frequently asked questions

What if I pay a flat rate but I'm not sure how to make my site public?

We can build your site and turn it over to you or we can host it for the hosting fees. This typically costs less than $100/year, obviously depending on what is needed. Domain, server, analytics; whatever you need.

What does 24/7 customer support mean exactly?

You'll get access to our Slack channel and can message us anytime, anyday.

How does support work?

We're aware of the importance of well qualified support, that is why we give you access to our Slack channel to reach out to us anytime, anyday. If you don't want to use Slack, feel free to reach out to us via email and we'll help you out as soon as we can.

What is a storefront?

Storefronts are services like Shopify or Square. If you already have a POS, you may want to stick with your preferred vendor. Here is a Forbes comparison of the two. Shopify is more developer friendly and Cosmos Digital Services is a Shopify Partner but either service will work. It's your business, run it your way.

What does "premium support" include?

Training, turnover; we don't want to leave you hanging. During that month, we'll guide you through any troubles you may have.

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